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I Need to Sell My House Fast, What Are My Options?

Do you need to sell up quickly? Have you been searching on Google for the “best ways to sell my house fast” or similar? There is a wide range of reasons for which you may need to sell your home quickly. It may be a breakdown in your relationship with the person you share a home with, that you’ve accepted a new job in a different town and need to find somewhere to live closer or you’ve found the property of your dreams and need to put your offer in fast before someone else buys it.

Whatever reason brings you here, we’re here to help.

The thing you need to remember, first and foremost if you are looking for the fastest way to sell your house that although there are plenty of options out there, you will most likely need to accept a lower price. To help you understand these options, we are going to highlight four of the most popular ways to sell a property quickly.

The Traditional Option – Estate Agents

While we’re sure you’re probably interested in alternatives, it wouldn’t feel as complete a post without highlighting the option of selling through an estate agent first. Perhaps your home is already on the market – the easiest way to speed things up is to ask your estate agent to lower your asking price.

Although this will increase the amount of interest in your property and may result in an offer being made sooner, estate agents will still not be able to offer a guarantee of how long it will take for a buyer to come along. Even if you do find a buyer quickly, you will probably need to wait until they have sold their home, unless they happen to be a cash buyer.

Popular But Risky – Auction

An alternative to the traditional option of selling through an estate agent is to sell your home in a property auction. Although this can be quicker, you need to consider if the speed of the sale is worth it, because you may lose out on money.

That is the major disadvantage of selling through an auction – you have no way of really knowing the price your house will sell for and how much lower than its market value the final price will be. Another downside, from a speed point of view, is the fact that you not only have to wait to be given a date when your property will be added be auctioned off and even after you secure a sale, but it could also be at as much as a full calendar month before the sale is finalised and you get access to the funds.

Finance Company Approach – Bridging Loan

If you want a sure-fire way of not missing out on any of the value of your home from the sale, you could opt for a bridging loan. These are a short-term form of secured borrowing, that is normally offered for up to a year and are supposed to be used to fill gaps in your funding.

It often takes just a few days to access a bridging loan, if your application is successful, which makes it a great choice when time is limited. It basically means you have access to the money you need to purchase your new home, while you wait for an interested buyer for the property you are selling, so you can secure the market value, or much closer to it than you could by using any of the alternative options outlined in this post.

The problem is that it is a very short term option and has high monthly rates compared to other loans.

Cash House Buying Companies

If none of the above options appeals to you, the fastest way to sell your house is by choosing a cash home buyer company. Given that this form of selling a home is gaining more popularity, there are a lot of organisations and companies out there offering this service. With that in mind, you may wonder how you find the best cash house buyers.

Cash Home is a highly reputable and experienced company that will take responsibility for all aspects of the sale of your house. All you need to do is contact them and seek out a free valuation. If you agree to their reasonable and fair price for your home, the whole process could be complete in under a week, with the money in your bank account. There is nothing else to it – no fees or charges or any paperwork.

Cash Home Valuation

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