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Terms & Conditions

By visiting and using this site you need to agree to the terms and conditions we have set out below. Therefore, please ensure that you read them all fully as they may have an impact on your legal liabilities and rights. If you find you can’t agree to the T&C, please do not use the Cash Home website. It will not affect your statutory rights.

What Cash Home Is

Any use of the words ‘our’, ‘us’ and ‘we’ is a reference to Cash Home, a registered company with the registration number (Don’t know it, obviously) with the registered address of (Again, don’t know it)

Registration of Your Details

To use the Cash Home website, register your details, complete the enquiry forms or use any of the services we offer, you must be at least over the age of 18 years old. You have the responsibility of making sure that the personal details you provide are full and accurate. If any changes occur, it is also your responsibility to inform us officially in writing as a matter of urgency. If you fail to do so, you are solely responsible for any issues or losses you experience. Please read through the privacy statement for this website for full details of our data protection and privacy policy.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

All of the contents of the Cash Home website are fully protected by trademarks, copyright and other associated intellectual property rights, that belong to Cash Home and remain with us or the licensor we use. You do not have the legal right to make use of our logo, business name or trademark unless you have been permitted to do so through a separate legal agreement or licence issued by us.

You are legally allowed to view, read and then print one copy of any content found on the Cash Home website for your use, but you must adhere to the copyright notices that are in place and are not permitted to disguise, use or alter the content in any way. You are also not permitted to make copies of, changes to, reproduce or distribute any of the content found on this website for commercial or business use, when you have not been permitted to do so by Cash Home in a separate written agreement or licence. Neither are you allowed to use either the imagery or source code for the Cash Home website or use or incorporate either part or all of this website within or on another website if you have not been permitted in writing to do.

Website Scope and Our Liability Related to Its Use

This website is only designed and intended to be used in the United Kingdom. Cash Home does not offer a guarantee that it is available or appropriate for any other location. It is done at your liability and risk if you access and use this website from any other location, and the Cash Home services are unlikely to be available to any properties or premises situated outside the United Kingdom, without an official agreement from us. You do not have permission to access or use the Cash Home website from any location where the contents of such may be considered unlawful or illegal.

We have made reasonable effort to ensure that the information provided on all of the pages of this website is up-to-date and accurate and that the site is also free from viruses. You accept that the Cash Home website exists for guidance, informational and marketing purposes only and is not part of a written contract and you understand that there are associated inherent risks to using the internet with regards to spyware, viruses and other problems. No content on the Cash Home website should be considered professional, economic, financial or investment advice and you are solely responsible for making your own decisions and taking actions.

Cash Home is not liable for any losses, liabilities, expenses, damages, claims, regardless of if they are direct or indirect, such as consequential or incidental losses, capital gain loss, anticipated savings loss, contract loss, economic, financial or profit loss and incurred expenditure, that result from using the Cash Home website and any liability is excluded to the full extent allowable by law. So there is no doubt, however, it should be noted that we do not limit or exclude liability for death or personal injury that is caused by negligence on our part or from fraudulent misrepresentations. We particularly are not liable for losses incurred that are beyond what is reasonably foreseeable consequences of the actions we take.

All timescales mentioned and any references made to loan terms, interest rates or bridging loans on the Cash Home website are for guidance and marketing purposes only. Nothing binds any lender, including us to any loan unless legally binding contracts have been established between you and us. All decisions made regarding loans and timescales are based on individual circumstances. The loan agreement you have will be with the lender you have chosen and not with Cash Home and we are not responsible or liable regarding any loan agreement or loan you have taken unless it is required by law.

We are not liable or responsible (apart from when applicable law requires it) for any unreliability, unavailability or incompatibility of the Cash Home website or inadequacy on the part of this website for providing you with all the information you need, or inaccuracies that may be found on this website or technical problems. If you do find any problems with the website’s functionality or there are you find any inaccuracies in any of the content. Please let us know so we can address and correct or fix these appropriately.

The limitations and exclusions regarding liability that have been outlined in these terms and conditions limit and exclude all liability we have towards you to the fullest extent allowed by law for all matters and occurrences concerning the Cash Home website whether its breach of statuary duty, tort (which includes any negligence) and in contracts.

We have the legal right to change all or any part of the content on this website without giving notice at any time, without giving any prior notice (that includes any changes we wish to make at any time to these terms and conditions). If, for any reason, you do not accept the changes made, please do not continue using this website.

Terms, Conditions and Agreements

The terms and conditions applying to renting, letting, buying or selling property through us or agreeing to any different agreements with us. These will always be provided before you enter those agreements. All of the services we offer are subject to the standard disclaimers we have in outline din our documents. It is important to remember that any portfolio or property’s value can rise or fall at any time. Future performance cannot be indicated by past performance alone.

Adverts and Outbound Links to Other Sites

Cash Home is not responsible for any content that has been referred to or included on our website provided by any other individual or organisation or website, but rather the original creator or author of the content is responsible for their content. By providing links to other sites or other sites linking to us, we are not implying any endorsement or association and are also not responsible or liable for the linked sites. Any sponsorship or advertising featured on any part of this site is the sole responsibility of the sponsor or advertiser who created it.


The terms and conditions outlined above apply to exclusions of other terms and conditions subject to the use of which this website you have made or purported to have made. There is no variation in the terms and conditions as presented that has been made either by communication or correspondence with you using any medium that is legally bound unless there has been a written agreement between us and your authorised representatives.

If we do not take any action or otherwise excuse any breach made by you of the terms and conditions outlined here, this does not have any effect on our remedies or rights. We are legally permitted to act against you or use the rights we have at any time we chose with regards to that or other breaches you make.

Cash Home is not responsible or liable for any failure, delay or a breach in meeting our obligations due to situations, causes or circumstances (or when one is reasonably believed to be imminent) beyond our control, such as inaction or action by third parties, riots, fire, war or flood.

We are legally permitted to transfer, assign or subcontract these terms and conditions as well as all or any of the rights, liabilities or obligations we have to a competent and reliable third party or otherwise associate company either in part or whole. You are not allowed to transfer or assign your obligations or rights without first receiving written consent from us.

These terms and conditions outline the whole agreement regarding this website and should be considered a replacement for any prior representations, understandings or agreements (unless they were fraudulent). All conditions, warranties and other terms implied by either common law or statute are excluded to the extent that is legally permitted. These terms and conditions do not confer benefits to any third party and exclude third party rights as outlined by the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act of 1999.

If any provision outlined in this agreement is unenforceable, invalid or illegal, the enforceability or validity of other provisions outlined in this agreement is unaffected.

The terms and conditions of this website are governed fully by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in England alone.

If you have any enquiries to make or questions to ask regarding any of the terms and conditions outlined above, please contact us using the contact section of the site.

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