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Tips For Negotiating With Cash Home Buyers

Buying or selling a house is one of the most important decisions we will ever make, and certainly one of the most significant investments of our hard-earned money.  That is why it is crucial to understand all of the possible outcomes for each buyer you may have interested in the property you are hoping to sell.   Here at Cash Home, we want to offer you some tips for negotiating with cash buyers for your property.

The Pros Of Cash Buyers

Because your buyer will not need a mortgage, this should result in much faster completion of the property. Cash buyers often are not part of a property chain, which again can make the process simpler and faster. A cash buyer may be able to be more flexible about when the completion date can be if you need to remain in your property for slightly longer. Here at Cash Home we work closely with you to ensure you have support during the sale of your home.

The Cons of Cash Buyers

Cash buyers are in a great position to negotiate about price as they know they are attractive prospective buyers.  They are also very likely to be accepted as buyers on other properties they might be viewing and could no longer wish to purchase your property if there are delays or issues with your list price. Using a company such as Cash Home means that you don’t need to worry about competing with other property owners to sell your house- we want to buy it from you!   

Your Counteroffer

As the property owner, you should not necessarily accept the first offer, even if it is from a cash buyer. Home buyers generally expect to have to negotiate with property owners and may well have offered something much lower than they are actually willing to pay for the property.  It would then be wise for you to give a counteroffer that is higher than their first offer, but lower than your asking price.  Here at Cash Home we offer you a fair price for your home and you don’t need to worry about going back and forth trying to haggle with several buyers.

Have A Deadline On Your Counteroffer

Although cash buyers can make for a speedy sale in some ways, constant negotiations and counteroffers can delay the process of selling your home.  You should not disclose other offers from other potential buyers, but you can give an expiration date on your counteroffer so that the cash buyers know you have other options you are considering. This is far more likely to secure a final decision from them quickly. We make you a prompt and fair offer so that you don’t have to worry about any delays.

Know Your Market

Make sure that you know the market really well before you begin to negotiate. Cash buyers will have done their research and will know what similar properties they can snap up with their readily available finance. You want to be competitive with similar properties so you don’t miss out on the cash buyer. Here at Cash Home we are able to offer fair cash prices for your home!

A Final Tip

Why not get to know the potential cash buyer a little better?  They may have an attractive package with all their cash, but you want to make your property irresistible to them. You will need to have presented your property as positively as you can in terms of its look and character.  Why not find out some more about them to help secure the best deal for you?  Are you selling a family home?  Do they have children?  Talk them through how your property works well for your family on a day-to-day basis. If this all sounds rather complicated and time-consuming, then why not let our amazing team at Cash Home do all of the work for you and value your home to give you a great cash price?

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