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Do I Need a Solicitor to Buy a House with Cash?

Buying a house is a very stressful process, as most of us know. There are lots of variables you need to work with – not only do you need to find a home that suits all your needs and budget, you then need to go through the whole house-buying process. The process could fall apart at any time if anything goes wrong in the traditional property chain. All it takes is the seller backing out of the mortgage not getting approved and then you are back to the drawing board again.

That is why many people, can decide to go down the route of buying a property with cash. When you decide to go down this route, though, you are likely to have several questions. One of the biggest ones, though is whether you actually need a solicitor if you are going to buy a house with cash. That’s what we are going to discuss in the following post.

Why is Buying with Cash Easier?

Before we look at whether you need a solicitor or not when buying a property with cash, we thought it would be useful to discuss some of the reasons why buying with cash is easier.

The deal is Less Likely to Fall Through

First and foremost, we already touched upon the fact that in England at the very least, the property buying process is fraught with points where the deal could fall through. When you buy with cash, however, it is less likely to fall through. This is because there are none of the mortgage and funding issues that traditional property buyers tend to have. You don’t need a mortgage, therefore you don’t need a mortgage company. As well as reducing the property chain, that whole aspect is no longer an issue.

The process is less Convoluted and Quicker

Buying property is a complicated process and one that normally takes a long time from the moment you put an order in that is accepted to the moment the sale is fully completed. When you are buying with cash, however, as noted above, there are fewer steps and fewer people involved. It is much quicker overall.

More Security

Although mortgages make it easy to afford houses and property you may not be able to get otherwise, they are also a huge financial burden. You could be spending years and years paying off your mortgage and there is a lot of stress associated with always making sure you can meet the repayments. That is there hanging over your head until you have cleared it and there is always that worry that if your financial situation or work situation changes, you could lose your property.

When you buy with cash, you own the house outright, so there is less worry about losing your property unless you decide to sell up.

Do You Need a Solicitor?

You may think that because there are less complicated steps involved in the process, you don’t need a solicitor when buying a property with cash. However, there are many aspects of the house buying process that you still need the expert advice and help of a solicitor. Some of the ways a solicitor can help you include:

  • Liaising with the conveyancer hired by the seller
  • Obtaining all the documentation and forms needed to complete the sale, such as information form, contents, and fittings form, leasehold information, and title deeds.
  • Address any inquiries you have related to the house with the solicitor representing the seller
  • Take on searches
  • Transfer the monies related to the purchase of the property.

As you can see there are still a lot of important jobs that you need a solicitor to take care of for you. Although it means another expense, it is better than the alternative – making a mistake and the deal falling through because you didn’t follow the proper process for buying property. Let’s face it unless you are an expert, there is always going to be something you might miss out on. The only way you can really avoid the need for a solicitor when buying a house with cash is you do it through a company like Cash Home.

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