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Do I need a lawyer to sell my House Privately?

Selling Your House With or Without a Lawyer

It’s only natural to want to save money whenever possible when it comes to buying and selling property. There are many expenses that could arise, including taxes, fees, and relocation expenditures. The question, “Do you need a solicitor to sell a house?” may arise as a result. Technically speaking, you most likely can. If you wish to handle every single search, deed, contract, date, and so forth. But it’s a lot of effort and there’s a lot of jargon, so we think having a professional on your side may really help, especially with something as important as a home sale. However, at Cash Home we take care of all of the legal sides for you, so you can make your house sale as stress-free as possible.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer When Selling My Home?

The process of selling your home may be costly as well as time-consuming and irritating. Therefore, it is totally understandable that many individuals question if it is necessary to hire a solicitor or conveyancer to assist with the legal side of things. After all, the cost of retaining legal counsel might easily increase by £500 to £1,500. However, there are many factors to consider when selling a home, and getting the appropriate assistance can help you save a lot of time and effort.

What Kind of Lawyer Might I Need?

While it is permissible for all lawyers to do conveyancing, we always advise hiring a lawyer or solicitor with relevant experience. Conveyancing attorneys have the expertise and experience needed because they specialise in property law. Many law offices may have conveyancing solicitors on staff, and speaking with one can be especially helpful if your property transaction is connected to another legal matter, such as divorce.

A licenced conveyancer can be hired as an alternative to engaging a solicitor or doing the duties yourself. The legal work required to sell a house is performed by licenced conveyancers, who are regulated professionals just like solicitors.

What Does selling Privately Actually Mean?

Simply put, selling a home privately entails doing so without the assistance of a real estate agent and selling it to a prospective buyer directly. Estate agency costs can run into thousands of pounds, so eliminating them from the process will put a significant amount of money back in your pocket.

What if I am Selling Privately?

If you are selling to a friend or family member, then you may wish to still use the services of a lawyer.  Mishandled money can cause issues between even the closest of loved ones, so be prepared to cross every t and dot every i when selling a property privately.  When you sell to a company like us at Cash Home you save so much money as you don’t need to use a lawyer or solicitor to complete the house sale.

Should I Sell My Home Privately?

For some people, privately selling a home can be a great option. This is particularly true if the real estate market is thriving or if a potential buyer has previously shown interest. But it isn’t for everyone because it may be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating. Are estate agents worth it, this is a question you must ask yourself? A sure way to rule out this uncertainty is to enlist the services of a property-buying company such as Cash Home.

Why Sell Privately To Cash Home?

We are professional property buyers at Cash Home, and we don’t charge you any fees or commissions to sell your house quickly. There will never be any additional fees that are not disclosed at any point in the process because we absolutely believe in being upfront about our services. There are no solicitors’ fees, valuation or survey fees, or estate agency expenses. Free truly does mean free!

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