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Do I Need a Completion Certificate to Sell my House?

What is a Completion Certificate?

A completion certificate provides evidence that the construction was done in line with building regulations, making it safe and compliant with the law.

It is recommended that you store your completion certificate in a secure location once it has been provided to you (possibly with the deeds of your property). This is due to the fact that if and when you decide to sell your home, potential buyers will inquire if you’ve made any changes to it. If so, they will want to know if you have a completion certificate showing that the changes were completed in compliance with building codes.

What Else is a Completion Certificate Used For?

Before a completion certificate is provided, more visits may be necessary if the work has not been finished successfully. It is likely that a new fee will be due if it has been more than a year since the last site inspection. If the work was successfully finished but you lost your copy, Building Control might be able to provide a replacement at a fee of £50 plus VAT.

If the project lacked the necessary building regulations, a regularization application must be issued. All of the aforementioned factors could prevent your property from selling, so be sure to store your completion certificate in a secure location.

Do I Need a Completion Certificate to Sell My House Right Now?

For any structural work, a completion certificate should have been obtained, although building regulation specifications can alter over time. The certificate might not have been issued in this specific case. The work was not subpar, but the right procedure wasn’t followed, which doesn’t mean it was. A retrospective certificate could not be provided since it would be useless to ask the building regulations inspector to come back because the rules would have changed.

The council could get an injunction dealing with violations without a time restriction for the duration of the period, although in practice they must act within a year of the work being finished.

Properties Without a Completion Certificate Can Sell For Less

A home that has undergone significant renovations without receiving building regulations permission would fetch less money on the market. Because there is a degree of ambiguity and fewer assurances that the construction is safe and up to code, the absence of a completion certificate may put off customers.

How Else Can This Affect My Property Sale?

Local land searches, often referred to as local authority searches, are carried out by conveyancing lawyers or mortgage lenders and are a crucial step in the purchasing and selling of a home. If you’re selling your home, buyers may renegotiate your offer based on the information gleaned from these searches, including any missing completion certificates. The last thing you want at this point would be for a deal to fall through as a result of this.

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