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5 Convincing Reasons To Sell Your Home To A Cash Buyer

One of the major investments of our hard-earned money and one of the most crucial decisions we will ever make is whether to buy or sell a home. Understanding each buyer who might be interested in the property you’re trying to sell is essential. We at Cash Home would like to give you some advice on why you should consider a cash buyer such as ourselves for your property.

Reason 1: Speedy Finances

We at Cash Home won’t require a mortgage, therefore the property sale should be finished considerably more quickly. Cash buyers will have to have proof of funds to show a solicitor to ensure anti-money laundering checks can be completed. Having our funds in place means we won’t need to delay a house sale while waiting for mortgage offers, mortgage valuations on your property, or funds to be made available from a mortgage company.  Many mortgage companies insist on detailed house surveys being completed, whereas cash buyers are not constrained by this.

Reason 2: Limited Property Chains

Cash purchasers frequently do not form a property chain, which once again can streamline and speed up the procedure. If there is no chain at their end, then they are unlikely to need to delay the sale at any point nor pull out of it altogether.  This may even mean you can complete the house sale in as little as 30 days. 1 in every 3 house sales falls through, but using a cash buyer such as ourselves means your house sale is far more likely to be a success.  Here at Cash Home we may be able to release funds to you in as little as 7 days!  You also would not have to pay fees to us as there would be no need for an estate agent to market your home.  We don’t charge any fees or commissions to buy your home.

Reason 3: Flexibility

If you need to stay in your home a little while longer, a cash buyer might be more accommodating about the completion date.  It may be that they aren’t in a chain and so are not being pressured elsewhere within the sale process.  You may not have found your next property and so you won’t want to feel rushed to make your next important house choice just because a buyer is champing at the bit to have you sign over your current property to them.

Reason 4: Negotiations

Just because you are considering a cash buyer does not mean you have to lower your expectations about the price your property may sell for. Here at  Cash Home we know the market well and are open when discussing offers. Cash buyers are great like us are great, and we can work with you to get a fair cash price for your home when you need it fast!

Reason 5: Less Stress And Worry

Choosing a cash buyer such as Cash Home, means that you have less stress and worry when trying to sell your property. We will be able to offer you a fair and quick valuation and then a quick sale.  Selling a home is notoriously stressful, so why not let us relieve you of the worry and give yourself time to decide what your next property dreams maybe? We have an expert team here to help you make this the smoothest process possible so that you can focus on moving on and your future. They will treat your house sale with diligence and confidentiality at all stages of the buying and selling process.  

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