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What Problems Can Arise As a Result Having a Mineshaft Near House?

Previously active mines and the associated activities conducted there can have a serious impact on property and the surrounding area. It is important to be aware of these when you are interested in buying a property with mineshafts near them. Some of the impacts include:

  • Subsidence – this is perhaps one of the biggest issues when the property is built on or near mineshafts. Subsidence is the sinking or downward movement of property. There are two forms of subsidence, non-natural subsidence, and natural subsidence. While natural subsidence is caused by natural geographically-resulting hazards, non-natural subsidence is manmade and often results from industries like mining.
  • Contaminated Land – Second only to subsidence is perhaps the issue of contaminated land. One of the main problems that have gone hand in hand with metal ores, coal and other mining is that of pollution. The Environmental Agency reported, for instance, that pollution in the water is caused by major land disturbances that are a result of mining.
  • Flooding - Another impact that former mining areas have often had to deal with is groundwater flooding. According to a report issued by the EPA and Coal Authority, there were examples of the groundwater and mining not being fully assessed before work on development projects began, which meant that these sites suffered from groundwater flooding for prolonged durations.

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