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What Checks and Reports Are Carried Out If There’s a Mineshaft Near House?

As there are still active mines, around 2,000, dotted up and down the country that you need to be aware of, as well as a rough estimation of 150,000 disused and abandoned mine, there are various searches and reports that are designed to assess the safety of areas involved in mining in the past, present and future.

For coal mines, The Coal Authority is responsible for coal mining operation licencing and taking care of any claims issued related to damage caused to properties by coal mining subsidence. As a further measure, the Coal Mining Subsidence Act of 1991 states that homeowners with properties that are damaged as a result of coal mining could be entitled to remedies such as compensation payments, deprecation payments or repairs.

Coal Mines Searches and Structural Surveys – if you are looking to buy property near a coal mine, you should order a coal mine search and a full structural survey.

If the property you are interested in is anywhere in South-West England, it is recommended you
organise a Metalliferous Mining Search. This will show if any property you are interested in the area is near to mines that are currently active, will be active in the future or have been in the past. This report covers mines for materials such as zinc, iron, Silber, lead, copper and tin.

China/Ball Clay Mining Searches – These are another form of search you should consider having
carried out if the property you are interested in is in Devon, Dorset, or Cornwall.

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