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What Can You Do When the Buyer Pulls Out at Last Minute

There is no escaping the fact that selling property, especially if it is your family home, can be a hugely stressful process to go through. If you go the traditional route of hiring an estate agent to put your house on the market, you may have to wait quite sometime before you get any interested buyers, depending on how buoyant the local property market where you are selling.

All that time spent waiting can make you anxious. So, it is a relief when buyers start showing interest and you get an offer. Even then, though, you can’t rest easy. Most buyers on the property market, are, of course, sellers themselves. It is particularly bad if you are in England because there are existing rules in place that buyers can pull out of a property sale at any point before contracts have been signed and exchanged. Not ideal if you are looking for a quick sale.


Reasons Why Buyers Pull Out of Sale

There are many reasons why buyers pull out of a property sale, even if they were enthusiastic in the beginning. It could be as simple as the change their mind or after arranging for a survey to be conducted of the house, they find that there are structural issues they don’t want to deal with or are not willing to buy for the asking price because of them. Often, it is the fact that they did not have their finances sorted before they started the buying process.

Whatever the reason, when this happens it is very frustrating and stressful. What can you do?

Remarket and Relist Your Property

The first option that probably comes to mind is to remarket and relist your property. This is what the real estate agent you are working with will suggest. This is because they want you to spend more money with them. You have already paid money having it listed in the first place. The problem with this option is that it may happen again. You may find yourself after a few weeks or months of your property being on the market, that there is interest from a buyer again.

Everything looks like it’s going well until the buyer either has second thoughts or doesn’t have the finances in place. Once again, you are back at square one.

Sell Your Property for Cash – The Perfect Alternative

If you want to completely avoid the stress, anxiety, expenses and many pitfalls associated with selling your home the traditional way and want to avoid property chains, why not sell it directly? Cash Home, for example, are a company that will buy your property from you directly for cash, without any middlemen involved.

When you sell your home to a property buying firm like Cash Home, you don’t have the long drawn out process to deal with. It is quick and simple and in most cases, the transaction can be complete within one week. Once we both agree to a price, we will not back out.

Ready to Buy Your Property No Matter What

Unlike the buyers in a property chain, at Cash Home, we are ready and waiting to buy property now. We have the budget in place and the house does not need to meet special criteria. It doesn’t matter whether it has structural damage, is in a less than desirable location or any other issue that would put off real estate agents and buyers on the property market, we will still buy it from you.

What’s more, we will offer you a reasonable price and will not expect you to pay for any of the legal fees. Speak to one of our team today to find out more.

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