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Selling Your Home Quickly When There is Japanese Knotweed – Is it Possible?

Are you looking to sell your property quickly, preferably for cash? You may have come across a multitude of problems trying to do so, especially if the dreaded Japanese Knotweed has infested it. This is becoming an increasingly common issue among homeowners looking to sell. The invasive weed that spreads like wildfire may not pose a health risk for humans, but it does take over the surrounding area and completely snuff out all other plant life.

Getting rid of this persistent pest is a real nightmare of a problem, which is why it can really play havoc with any plans you have for a quick sale. Many buyers may be reluctant to take on a property with Japanese Knotweed present because it can be very expensive, time consuming and laborious to kill it off and ensure it doesn’t come back.

Is it really such a problem? How can you tell if you have Japanese Knotweed or not? Can you still sell your home quickly with Japanese Knotweed? We are going to answer all of these pertinent questions in this post.

Is Japanese Knotweed Really a Serious Problem?

The short answer is yes, it is a real problem for property and land. Why? It needs a lot of light to survive and because of that it has a root spread of around 7-metres in length. This essentially means, even if it hasn’t been disturbed (which can make its spread worse), during one growing period it can travel that distance.

If any Japanese Knotweed rhizome manage to reach underneath a property, they will try and get above ground, however they can. Which means they will normally seek out any weakness and cracks in the foundations or other structural elements of the property. As the plant grows at such a rapid pace, it can force cracks open even more and often causes damages that are irreparable.

The Effect Japanese Knotweed Has on the Value of Your Property

The knock-on effect of this on the value of property is that due to the damage it can inflict and the reputation the weed has for its pervasiveness, if there are any signs of it around your home it could devalue it by as much as 100%. This is why, where possible, you should try and get in touch with an expert to deal with the problem quickly.

How You Could Still Sell Your Japanese Knotweed Affected Property Fast

While it’s true if you were to go down a more traditional route and sell your home through an estate agency or even an auction house, the Japanese Knotweed would be a problem, if you choose a service like Cash Home, it’s an altogether different story. Thanks to our experience, expertise and network of experts that we are associated with, and the budget we have at our disposal, we will still buy your home from you, for a fairer price and more quickly than other options.

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