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Is It Safe to Buy if a Mine Shaft is Near House?

Yes, but it depends. If all the relevant searches and appropriate checks have been carried out on the surrounding area and the property in question, there is no real reason to feel unsafe about buying the property. You need to make sure you are completely satisfied, though, with the results of the reports and that you read through their contents very carefully and understand what is noted before you go ahead with your purchase.

Make sure that you order a Local Authority Search. These are queries into the land the property is built on and the local area surrounding it that are part of conveyancing and can provide your mortgage lender with the reassurance they need that your property is secure and won’t lose value over time, meaning they will be able to offer you a mortgage.

You also need to be aware of the different implications the type of mining that was carried out in the area before your property was built there. The main types of mines you are likely to come across when buying a property in the UK are coal mines, tin mines, and china clay mines. There are a number of others, but those are the most common.

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