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How Can I Add Value to My House Cheaply?

Are you selling your home or in the process of putting it on the market? Did you know that according to research conducted by the site onepoll.com on behalf of the estate agent firm Foxtons that it takes most interested buyers 8 minutes to figure out if your property is the right one for them?

With that in mind, you will be wanting to add as much value to it before potential buyers start viewing it. Although that may sound like it’s going to cost you a lot of money and you may be looking to keep expenses down, don’t worry as there are plenty of things you can do that are cost-effective. Below we have highlighted some tips and ideas.

Freshen Up Your Front Door

First impressions are everything. Most sellers tend to focus on the interiors when preparing their homes for the housing market. However, regardless of what you have done to the inside of your property if your front door looks shabby and badly maintained, many buyers may not even be interested in looking past it.

Therefore, it’s important to give special attention to your front door along with the rest of the exterior. The good news is that it does now take a lot of time, effort, or money to freshen and smarten up your front door. There are various guides and tutorials online that can help.

Give the Rest of the Exterior a Tidy, Clean, and Refresh

Once you have tackled your front door, give some consideration to the rest of the exterior of your home. Clean and tidy up the pathway and area around your home. Replace house numbers and doormats that have seen better days and consider investing in some colourful plants to have in pots at either side of your newly painted front door. Do whatever you can to showcase how good your home can look from the outside.

Give the Garden Attention

It may not seem like a big problem, but did you know that most buyers will be put off by an overgrown garden. Even if it is literally just in need of a mow, you must make your garden a priority. If you don’t have the time or inclination to handle it yourself, hire a professional gardener to cut the grass, trim any hedges and bushes and weed the area.

Declutter and Tidy

Moving onto the interiors, before you even pick up a brush, mop, cloth or start painting the walls in neutral colours, there is one incredibly simple and cost-effective way you can improve your home’s interiors. By decluttering and tidying it. While some personal items around the home will give it a “lived-in” feel which will help to show buyers that it felt like home to you and your family, if it is too much it can stop them from imagining themselves living there.

That’s why you must spend time methodically working through the stuff you have in your home, particularly anything that is on display. The tidier and clearer you can make your property, the larger and more spacious the interiors will look, which will help potential buyers to picture themselves living there.

Give Your Kitchen a Lot of Time and Effort

In the past, it was the living room that was felt to be the heart of a home. That has changed however and it’s now the kitchen. That is why you must spend a considerable amount of time and effort doing all you can to make your kitchen as desirable as possible. Although there is plenty you can do to update, refresh, and renovate your kitchen that costs a lot, there are other, smaller things you can do that can produce desirable results.

Declutter and tidy the room, making sure the worktops are as clear as they can be and give any wall and ceiling space that is not tiled a repaint. If they don’t already, replace your current toaster, kettle, and other key small appliances with a matching set. Chrome or stainless steel always works well.

Thoroughly Clean Your Home

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when we say thoroughly clean your home, we mean every room, from top to bottom. As it can be quite labour-intensive and time-consuming, you may want to hire a professional house cleaning team, to make sure it is done properly, and no surface or area is left with any dust or dirt.

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