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Are There Mines That Are Still Active In the UK?

Yes, although a large percentage of the active mines that were in operation up and down the
country was closed down, there are still around 2,0000 quarries and mines that are still active in different parts of the UK. Coal mining has always been the biggest in the country, so depending on where you are looking to buy, if you find a mineshaft within 20 metres, the chances are it will be coal. In fact, the first brand-new deep coal mine was opened for the first time in the country in Cumbria in March of 2019.

The fact that there are still active mines, as well as abandoned ones, is important to consider when buying property. Active mines pose different risks to properties than abandoned and disused mines. For example, according to Groundsure, subsurface and surface, coal mining can cause stability issues on the ground like landslides, mass movement, surface collapses and subsidence. Some mines still actively used in the country include:

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